Hangcha J Series 5.0 – 8.5t Forklift

Engineered using the latest Curtis AC technology the J Series 5.0 – 8.5t electric forklift runs quietly and uses energy efficiently. Battery and engine are placed low within the chassis to improve stability. The brushless AC motors store power when braking, changing direction and going downhill.

It also provides stable and accurate control, resulting in a more efficient and safe operation.



Body choosing modern large circular arc streamline surface modeling, is in accordance with international design trend.


Steering braking and lifting hydraulic adopts two independent hydraulic system, to ensure the braking performance, realize the joint operations.


New designed broad view mast provides better forward view ability.

New dashboard is easy to see and provides friendly human-computer interaction with multiple functions.


International advanced Full-AC controller provides stable and accurate control, it make the operation more efficient, safe and comfortable.

Regenerative brake(When parking, reversing and declining, the drive motor will charge the battery, energy saving).

Energy saving LED lamp.


Motor controller, contactor, power plug, emergency switch, instrument and other major electrical components adopt international brand products.

Electronic and hydraulic overload protection device.