Hangcha Electric Tow Tractor J Series 2.0 – 6.0t

The Hangcha Electric Tow Tractor J Series 2.0 – 6.0t offers towing capacity from 2-6 tones and is ideal for transporting people and goods in manufacturing plants, airports, and hospitals.

The rugged design offers optimum performance in even the toughest applications and the Hydraulic heavy-duty disc brakes help reduce brake wear.



The Hangcha light model electric tow tractor with towing capacity from 2-6t, is ideal for long-travel, multi-shift applications. Many components are taken from forklift truck design, including the powertrain and heavy-duty brakes – which are ideal for a tow tractor.


The CURTIS AC controller is programmed for regenerative braking which reduces brake wear and recharges the battery. .


The driver compartment is large and free from obstructions for safe access and a comfortable working day. The standing operator position suits frequent step in/out application.


Three independent braking systems are provided. Especially the fully programmable, regenerative electric braking almost eliminates the need for a footbrake.


Designs incorporate the latest technology but are uncomplicated, with up to 500 hours service intervals, without a laptop.